Give Up Plastics

Americans generate over 36 million tons of plastic waste per year. (EPA 2023) Plastics are used to make a wide range of products, including appliances, furniture, and clothing, but packaging is the largest market for plastics and the largest source of plastic waste. Most of the plastic we use every day is used once and then discarded. Help us reduce waste and litter - Give Up Plastics!

The Give Up Plastics Challenge

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) challenges you to give up plastics by finding alternatives to single-use plastics. Even taking small steps can make a big difference.

Here are some ideas to Give Up Plastics:

  1. Buy in bulk as much as possible instead of buying single-serve or travel-sized items.
  2. Take a reusable bag when you go shopping instead of using plastic bags.
  3. Carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.
  4. Use durable, reusable silverware or a travel mug instead of disposable cutlery or cups.
  5. Recycle Right and only place acceptable recyclable items in your recycling bin and wheeled cart. Switch from #6 plastics - they are not recyclable in Montgomery County.

Share on Social

Share the #GiveUpPlastics challenge on social and tag DEP on Facebook, X, and Instagram. Here are some prompts to get you started. Graphics are available for download in 7 languages! Right-click on the links to download to share and use on social media, newsletters, websites, etc.