Air Quality Law

Chapter 3 of the Montgomery County Code is the Air Quality Control Law. The law authorizes DEP to protect ambient (outdoor) air quality and indoor air quality in the County. It also prohibits air pollution from crossing property lines or leaseholds.

Air pollution is defined in the Air Quality Control Law as the presence in the atmosphere of any substance (or combination of substances) likely to pose a health hazard to humans, plants, or animals or unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of property. Air pollutants include odors, smoke, gas, and dust.

Download your copy of the Air Quality Law (PDF).

How Do I File an Air Quality Complaint?

Complaints should be filed through the MC311 online portal or by calling in your complaint:

  • In Montgomery County, call 311
  • Outside of Montgomery County? Call us at 240-777-0311.
  • ​Stay Connected with Maryland Relay Calling Options. Dial 7-1-1 for the Relay operator and connect with us at 240-777-0311.
  • Reminder: Call 911 for emergencies 

The exception is for odor complaints! (See below)

Types of Complaints