Winter Salt Management

Road salt (sodium chloride) can be a very useful tool for keeping our roads and walkways safe in winter. However, using salt to melt ice corrodes concrete and masonry, poses dangers for pets and wildlife, damages surrounding plants and lawns, and harms our local streams and rivers. It can even contaminate our drinking water supply. As Montgomery County grows, salt levels have been steadily increasing in our waterways. Once in our waterways, salt is extremely difficult and expensive to remove.

By using the right amount of salt, or using salt alternatives, we can ensure safety, and reduce damage to our environment. This website provides tips and best practices to follow when winter weather arises. For additional information about winter weather in Montgomery County, such as school closings and plowing schedules, please visit MCDOT’s Winter Storm Information Portal.

Don't be Salty ... Be Salt-Wise!

It's Easy as 1,2,3 ...

shovel standing upright in snow

box of salt pouring into a 12 ounce mug

broom and dustpan