Transfer Station/Recycling Center User Fees

How may you pay?

The Transfer Station accepts credit cards only. All major credit cards are accepted including debit cards and American Express. You may also pay via your corporate account.

We may ask you to leave a deposit. You will be issued a receipt with your deposit. Once you exit the Scale House, you will either be refunded the full amount of your deposit or charged an additional amount based on the weight of the disposed items.

See how to create a disposal account with the Solid Waste Processing Facility and Transfer Station or the Montgomery County Recycling Center.

Temporary Transfer Station Operations and Tipping Fee Schedule For Certain Vehicles During the Transfer Station Scales and Scale House Replacement Project

January 2, 2024 through October 31, 2024
The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will be implementing a temporary tipping fee schedule at the County’s Shady Grove Transfer Station due to a construction project that involves that replacement of all County scales. This temporary fee schedule will be for certain vehicles for which DEP does not have on file the empty weight (“tare weight”) of vehicles.

Transfer Station Trash Disposal/Yard Trim

Recyclable Materials Drop-Off Area

No charge, except as noted.

Includes these hand-unloaded materials:


Recyclable Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Vehicles must be self-dumping; no hand-unloading at the Materials Recovery Facility.

Commingled containers

  • Accepted from residential and non-residential/commercial sources at no charge.
  • Examples include: bottles, jars, aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil, bi-metals cans, and plastic bottles, containers, and lids.

Mixed Paper

  • Accepted from residential and non-residential/commercial sources at no charge.
  • Includes all clean, dry paper.