Montgomery County's Recycling Summary 2022/2023

bales recycled materialsMontgomery County is committed to serving as a model for both the state and country through continuous improvement of our materials management system. To this end, Montgomery County continues to improve waste reduction and recycling rates through expanded waste reduction, recycling and reuse programs and public engagement activities.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) includes all materials being reused and recycled by the County in its recycling rate calculation. These materials include glass, plastics, paper, tires, electronics, mixed metals, scrap automobiles, construction and demolition debris, asphalt, concrete, motor and other types of oil and grease, liquid animal protein, animal carcasses, paints, textiles, propane tanks, manure, food waste for animal feed, industrial fluids, mercury, and hazardous household waste. The County also continues to expand the ways residents can recycle, including curbside collection and dropping off items at the County’s Recycling Center and Transfer Station. DEP’s website has information on how and where to recycle these items.