Clean Water Montgomery

Clean Water Montgomery (CWM) has one goal in mind, to proactively implement steps and programs to reduce stormwater pollution and achieve healthier streams for a better quality of life in a sustainable, thriving Montgomery County. By inspiring action and thinking critically about how our behaviors impact our water, we all can achieve a Clean Water Montgomery! Download CWM Flyer (PDF) >>

Little Falls Stream

Watershed Restoration

The watershed restoration program incorporates critical watershed planning, innovative design, and engineering into construction projects to improve the County’s water quality. Projects are designed to reduce stormwater runoff and pollution to help water seep into the ground and not run off into storm drains and streams.

green-roof, stormwater management

Stormwater Management

Our stormwater management program inspects, maintains, and improves thousands of the County’s stormwater facility structures for water quality. This page is a helpful guide to answer stormwater questions whether you are a resident, contractor, or homeowner’s association.

Electrofishing-stream health

Stream Health & Monitoring

Our team of biologists work year-round to monitor our streams and look for trends in the health of our stream, wildlife and their habitat. The monitoring program is the cornerstone of the entire Clean Water Montgomery Program!

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Water Quality Protection Charge

The WQPC funds many of the County’s clean water initiatives including but not limited to: restoring polluted and eroded streams, stream monitoring, storm drain cleaning and maintenance, inspection of stormwater management practices, protecting water quality and wildlife habitat, and flooding prevention activities.

How may I improve water quality in my daily life?

Clean Water Montgomery has a suite of programs and incentives for property owners and businesses that include:

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