Window Guards in Multifamily Buildings

Beginning January 1, 2022 in Montgomery County, Maryland, landlords of any multifamily rental housing unit (including condominium units used as rental units) must provide, in good working order, a physical barrier or limiting device attached to a window to prevent occupants from falling out of the window (a “window guard”) if a rental unit is occupied by a child ten years of age or younger, or if a tenant requests the installation of the window guard.

Landlords will be required to notify tenants about the window guard requirements in writing, using the:

All current tenants must be notified about the new law via a window guard lease addendum by February 1, 2022.

Under Bill 51-20 - Landlord-Tenant Relations - Window Guards, a window guard must be installed and maintained in each window of a habitable room if:

  1. a child of age 10 or younger occupies the dwelling unit; or
  2. a tenant of the dwelling unit requests in writing the installation of a window guard.