Is Your Home Outside the Vacuum Leaf Collection District?
How to be Included

In the past, we received requests from many communities to be included in our vacuum leaf collection program. Because those communities were outside the Leaf Vacuuming District, no service could be provided at that time. However, the County Council approved legislation in 2000 that provides a process for expanding the District to include more communities.  

The information below details the process you will need to follow. The leaf vacuuming service is fee-based and as of July 1, 2023 is $123.67 for single-family homes, which includes two collections per season.
Please click on any of the links below.

  1. A copy of the legislation
  2. A question and answer summary of the legislation
  3. A copy of the suggested petition format
  4. A timeline showing target dates and time periods
  5. Suggestions for determining your community's boundary: Part APart B

If you have questions, please contact the Leafing Program Manager by e-mail