IPS Meters

New Single Space Parking Meters that accept coins, credit cards and pay by cell options are now installed in Bethesda & Silver Spring.

  • The purpose of this program is to replace exiting on-street parking meters and small surface parking lots (less than 30 spaces) with credit card enable smart meters.
Objective and Features of the Smart Meter
  • The single space smart meter and sensors are a cost effective solution that will provide the County the ability to quickly upgrade existing meters, easily track revenue, improve customer satisfaction and improve the efficiency of overall parking operations.
  • Provide more payment options for parking customers; including coins, credit cards and Pay-by-Cell
  • Provide Real-time space availability to our customers.
  • Solar powered battery system
  • Highly visible expiration time indicator
  • Web-based management system
  • The meters are designed to be retrofitted onto single space meter heads for ease of installation.
How it works
  • Existing on-street parking meter housings are retrofitted with new "Smart Meters".
  • Vehicle detection sensors are installed in the road surface.