PARCS with Integrated LPR

  • This system was designed and is currently being developed in-house by Montgomery County's Division of Parking Management.
  • The purpose of this program is to develop a new Parking Access Revenue Control System (PARCS) that allow vehicles unrestricted egrees and a cashless payment option in parking garages.
  • To develop a Parking access revenue control system that will allow vehicles unrestricted egrees without the customers having to remember space number or license plate number.
  • To develop a cashless payment option to replace monthly permits.
  • Phase I- Install 2 LPR cameras in Garage 11 to test the accuracy of stationary LPR technology.
  • Phase II- Install LPR cameras at all exit and entry lanes in Garage 11. Vehicle tag number will be married with ticket number taken on entry. Evaluate the ability to accurately record entry and exit times of vehicles.
  • Phase III- Evaluate cashless payment option for pre-registered vehicles.
  • Phase IV- Lift exit gates to begin evaluating unrestricted egress and violation billing.
How it works
  • Operates similar to POF, but will eliminate the need for exit gates and allow customer to pre register vehicle license plate information for cashless entry.
  • LPR cameras will record license plate information of vehicles entering and exiting facility.
    • License plate information will be associated with POF ticket received upon entry.
  • Customers payment options
    • Pay at POF Machine.
    • Cashless option (requires vehicle pre registration)
  • If a vehicle exits without being pre-registered or paying at POF machine, that customer will receive a parking fee in the mail with an additional processing fee.
    • Parking fee will include pictures with time of entry and exit.
Advantages of POF/LPR Solution
  • Accept multiple payment options (cash and credit card)
  • Allow the parker to Pay for only time parked
  • Minimize the occurrence of restricted parking egress
  • Simplify the payment process
  • Improve parking convenience and experience
  • Support enforcement of garages
  • Provide garage utilization data
  • Eliminate the need for exit gates