Mobile Applications

  • The purpose of this program is to provide our customers with static and real-time parking information that is available on mobile devices.
  • Publish all parking information in one location in a consumable format.
  • Encourage Mobile application developers to consume this information and display it on their mobile application.
  • Providing parkers with real-time parking information and space availability.
  • Reduces road congestion and carbon emissions created by vehicles circulating looking for available parking.
  • To optimize the use of existing parking resources by redistributing parking demand.
  • Publish all parking data to data.montgomery
    • Provide real-time parking facility information
    • Provide additional data to publish on data.montgomery
How it works
  • MCDOT Staff manage facility information in a centralized Parking Inventory Database (Hourly rates, Hours of operation, etc) Data is published to data.montgomery
  • Real-time Space Availability
    • Facility data is extracted from facilities equipped with vehicle detection sensors and is published to data.montgomery.
    • On-street data is extracted from the IPS hosted server and is published to data.montgomery.
  • Mobile Application developers consume data from data.montgomery and display information on mobile applications.

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