Parking Guidance System

  • The Parking Guidance system maximizes the efficiency of usage and management for the parking supply. The strategic development of a comprehensive intelligent transportation and parking system in Montgomery County will contribute to meeting the County's Goal of "An Effective and Efficient Transportation Network".

The Parking Guidance System will:

  • Enhance customer service by providing parkers with real-time facility information and space availability.
  • Reduce road congestion and carbon emissions created by vehicles circulating looking for available parking.
  • Optimize the use of existing parking resources by redistributing parking demand.
  • Enable the County to optimize public parking supply by providing real time space availability to parkers via signs and mobile applications.
  • Allow County Staff to manage data from one location.

Operational in the following garages:

  • Bethesda - Elm Garage (Garage 57) in 2010 and Capital Crescent Garage (Garage 31) in 2015.
  • Silver Spring - Wayne Ave (Garages 60) and Town Square (Garage 61) in 2014.
How it works
  1. Vehicle sensors monitor parking space status in public garages.
  2. The Space Availability is displayed on sinage at the entrances and can be used in mobile applications
  3. Space availability is displayed on signage at garage entrances and on mobile applications
    • When the garage reaches near capacity the signs will display "Full".
  4. The vehicle counting system data is networked to an in house Server. This allows the County to monitor space availability from remote locations while providing our best service to our parkers.

Click here to access the Parking Interactive Map.