Financial Management

This program has overall responsibility for the recordation and reconciliation of all parking district revenue. It is also responsible for revenue bond debt, fixed assets and utilities programs. It is the primary point of contact for the Department of Finance in the preparation of the annual financial statements of the four Parking Lot District enterprise funds and in responding to any inquiries from the auditors of those statements.

It also has primary responsibility for the development and execution of the Division Budget in coordination with other programs and the associated 6 Year Fiscal Cash Flows for the PLD Enterprise Funds. This includes Accounts Payable activities and the creation/liquidation of Purchase Orders.


  1. Revenue
    • Recordation: Our revenue section manages the bookkeeping for revenue generated within the Parking Lot Districts. The recordation of this revenue facilitates the flow of those funds back into the districts they are collected in.
    • Reconciliation: Through reconciliation, funding sources are identified, codified and applied through the proper accounting measures. Following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAP, the staff works to account for each stream of revenue.
    • Auditing: Accountancy requires a system of checks an balances to ensure accuracy. The revenue program includes audits of funding sources, incoming payments and outgoing payments. In order to provide the best use of PLD funds, our section provides regular oversight and reporting.
  2. Bond Debt
    • A measure to finance the construction of municipal structures, including garages. Managing the Bond Debts and ensuring that debts are paid of is an additional function of Revenue.
  3. Utilities
    • For our facilites to function, we use local utility providers. Our revenue section tracks, manages and maintains the billing accounts for each faciilty in each parking lot district.