Permit Types

1 Year Residential Permit

  • Issued for each motor vehicle registered to an address.
  • You can apply for as many permits as you have vehicles.
  • Cost is $20.00 per vehicle, and is renewable on a one-year basis.
    • Copy of license and registration w/ Current Property Address required
  • Initial and renewal fees are prorated as appropriate.

Residential parking permit can be purchased online.

1 Year Visitor Permit

  • One Permanent Visitor permit may be purchased per dwelling unit.
  • Cost is $20.00 and is renewable on a one-year basis.
  • Initial and renewal fees are prorated as appropriate.

Residential parking permit can be purchased online.

1 Year Disabled Residential Permit

  • Issued to individuals who have a valid Disabled tag or AND reside at an address within the permit zone he/she is applying for.
  • The resident applying must live within the zone of the permit at the specified address.
  • The address the vehicle is registered to must match the address at which the motorist resides.

7 Day Temporary Permit

  • Issued to residents who are having a small gathering and/or have guests that are staying for up to 7 days at one time.
  • This temporary permit may only be used once per month for 2 to 5 vehicles at one time. Residents must call 855-510-3995 to have this permit approved.

30 Day Temporary Permit

  • New residents that have recently moved to an area with a residential permit program.
  • A new resident with a 30 Days Short Term Agreement.
  • Residents with plates registered to a different address and need more time to transfer their plate information to their primary address.
  • Residents have recently purchased a new vehicle AND have been issued a 60-day temporary registration card from the MVA.

Residential parking permit can be purchased online.

6 Month Contractor Permit

  • Issued to contractors to perform repair work or building construction at the residence that will take over 7 days for the project to be completed.
  • Only 6 contractor permits are permitted at one time, per household. A contractor will be denied at check-out if the permit number requested for permit approval exceeds 6 permits for that household.

1 Year Employee Permit

  • Issued for workers hired by a resident. Examples would be a nanny, live-in nurse or caretaker.
  • Also valid for individuals that live and operate a home business. This permit allows the employee of the business owner to park in the available parking spots within an eligible or qualifying zone.

1 Year Student Permit

  • Issued to college students that attend a college/university within a 50 mile radius of Montgomery County.

1 Year Military/Government Permit

  • Issued to members of the military or government (domestic or international) to park on the street without having to change registration due to where he/she is stationed or temporarily residing.
  • Someone working for the state department, an embassy representative, etc. may also apply for this permit.