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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
   Division of Parking Management  


Pay-by-Space System

The Pay-by-Space System features centralized pay stations that are in convenient locations within public parking garages.


  1. Park your car and remember your space number.

  2. Locate the nearest centralized pay station.

  3. Enter your space number, press OK

  4. Insert money
    • To increase or decrease time, press MORE/LESS (machine charges in 1 hr increments)

  5. Press OK to purchase

  6. Take receipt with you

TO ADD TIME after first purchase

  1. Enter your space number, press EXTEND

  2. Enter receipt number, press OK

  3. Insert money
    • Press MORE in 1 hr increments

  4. Press OK to purchase

  5. Take receipt with you

Currently the Pay-by-Space System is in the following locations:

Cameron Avenue Garage (#7) , Amherst Avenue Garage (#45) and King-13th Street Garage (#16)




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