Division of Parking Management

Montgomery County Department of Transportation

Division of Parking Management


As of July 1st, 2019 the Transportation Fees, Charges, and Fares resolution passed by Montgomery County Council will affect the parking fees you are charged for this program. The rate resolution establishes two fees for Meter Bagging program which had not existed before. These fees are in addition to the hourly rate charged for the lost revenue as a result of the meter bag/removal and offset administrative, materials, and labor expenses incurred by the county for this work. Specifically, for this program, this rate resolution establishes:

Parking Fees:

Temporary Parking Meter Removal and Bagging

  1. Temporary parking meter removal or re-installation

$350 per meter

  1. Parking Meter Bagging Fee related to construction activity

$100 per meter for the first hour plus
$2 per meter per hour for each additional hour of the meter bagging

The removal of a parking meter remains at the discretion of the Division of Parking Management based on the impact of scheduled work and risk of damage to the equipment. As an example of these new fees is as follows: for a single meter bagged or removed for one entire day at a posted rate of $2.25/hr (Bethesda). Your project costs will change based on location, number of meters and duration.

Removal Fee $350.00
Daily Revenue $29.25
Install Fee $350.00
TOTAL FEE $729.25
Daily Revenue $29.25
Bag Fee $124.25
TOTAL FEE $153.25

For any questions about Meter Bagging, email [email protected] or via phone at (240) 777-8793.

These new fees will be effective for work occurring on/after July 1st, 2019. Thank you for your attention and continued use of this program.