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Dedicated Bus Lanes are proposed for University Boulevard in Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

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University Blvd (MD 193) BUS LANE PILOT*

MCDOT’s dedicated bus lane pilot on University Boulevard, between Amherst Avenue and Dennis Avenue, to evaluate the potential for improving passenger travel times, service reliability, and customer experience by testing dedicated bus lanes has been delayed until Fall 2023/Spring 2024, due to the pending resolution of construction methods and funding.

The bus lane will be clearly identified with signs and pavement markings, and there will be no changes to existing parking or loading.

What are Dedicated Bus Lanes?

Lanes that allow buses to travel independently of regular traffic, saving time by making trips faster and more reliable. ​Bikes and emergency vehicles can also use these lanes.

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Reduces bus travel times and protects buses from traffic congestion, providing better on-time reliability

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Improves connections between Metro, bus services and access to Silver Spring Transit Center

Using the Bus Lane for Right Turns Bus Lane Allowed

University Blvd Dedicated Bus Lane Section Map

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Pilot performance will be measured by

Travel Speeds
Travel Speeds
Crash Data
Crash Data
On Time Performance and Reliability
On Time Performance & Reliability
Public Input
Public Input

Project Schedule

Project ScheduleSchedule pending resolution of construction methods and funding sources.

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* This is a 12 month pilot, followed by an evaluation. MCDOT will then determine whether the Dedicated Bus Lanes will remain on this section of University Boulevard beyond the planned pilot timeline.

This effort is a part of MCDOT's Bus Priority Project initiatives in partnership with Ride On and WMATA to improve transit service in the community. Additional bus lanes are planned throughout Montgomery County.

Have questions or want to provide feedback? Contact the project lead.

Mark Terry

Chief, Traffic Engineering Studies Section, MCDOT


Gary Erenrich

Special Assistant to the Director



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