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Seasonal Maintenance

Snow & Storm Response

  • Flood Response
    Notify MCDOT of flooded roadways
  • Snow Response
    Information about snow removal services and map showing plowing progress


  • Curbs and Gutters
    Request repair or replacement of sidewalks or curbs
  • Leaf Collection
    View the map and schedule for the annual fall vacuum leaf collection district
  • Litter Clean Up
    Request litter or trash clean up from County roads and right-of-ways
  • Mowing
    MCDOT mows County road medians and other areas in the right-of-way
  • Road Restriping or Lane Markings
    Request road restriping or new lane markings
  • Roads
    Request road repairs, including paving, on County roads
  • Sidewalks
    Request repair or replacement of sidewalks or curbs
  • Storm Drains
    Report a clogged storm drain
  • Street Sweeping
    See the map to check the annual spring & summer sweeping schedule




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