Business Liaison

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) is devoted to ensuring integrity in the marketplace for consumers and for businesses.  To improve efficiency, the OCP is building an online portal for all licensing and registration needs for the following types of businesses: Motor Vehicle Repair and Towing, New Home Builders and Sellers, Second Hand Personal Property Dealers , Radio, Television & Appliance Installation and Repair businesses as well as Commercial Parking Lot Registrations.  

The OCP has also announced a free mediation service for business-to-business disputes and, through social media and eSubscribe, communicates scams affecting businesses and those affecting consumers.  

If a business group would like to invite the OCP to speak at an event, you can use the Speaker Request form found on the Outreach & Education page.

The OCP also offers an anonymous tip line that both consumers and businesses can use to report information to our office.  Businesses should feel free to review the consumer complaints filed against them and contact the OCP for assistance with compliance issues going forward. 

Please review the OCP's webpages on Consumer Advice A-Z as they can also be informative to your business.  Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission has a Business Center page with information on how businesses can protect themselves from being victimized.  

Finally, if you are a business owner and have any questions or concerns regarding the regulatory scheme the OCP administers, about scams or unfair practices in the marketplace, or otherwise have questions regarding compliance, please call the Office of Consumer Protection's Business Liaison, Tracy D. Rezvani at (240) 777-3636.

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