Energy and Environmental Advocacy

EmPOWER Maryland Energy Act of 2008 (EmPOWER Maryland)

  • Potomac Edison (formerly Allegheny Power) (Case  No. 9153)
  • Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (Case No.  9154)
  • Potomac Electric Power Company (Case No. 9155)     

Collectively, these cases are designed to establish energy and demand reduction goals of 15% in Maryland by 2015.  The three electric companies that provide service in Montgomery County filed energy efficiency, conservation, and demand response programs with the  PSC  pursuant to these EmPOWER Maryland cases.  These programs were recently updated for 2012-2014.

OCP commented on several issues in these cases in response to the proposals provided by each utility company.  OCP's comments to the  PSC  included:

  • Asserting OCP's interest in ensuring that the overall long term rate impacts of their proposed programs were of benefit to Montgomery County consumers
  • Requesting that the  PSC  pursue a fair and equitable distribution of costs and benefits of the programs 
  • Recommending that there be opportunities for benefits to local governments and public buildings 
  • Highlighting the County's Climate Protection goal
  • Seeking coordination between local jurisdictions in Maryland and with the Maryland Energy Administration ( MEA ) to ensure program success
  • Recommended coordination and collaboration between Montgomery County Home Energy Loan Program and PEPCO's energy efficiency efforts.
  • Participated in  PSC 's General Awareness Campaign Working Group to achieve common general awareness themes through a state-wide campaign.
  • Recommended simplified language and clear consumer awareness of voluntary direct control programs implemented by BGE and Pepco under EmPOWER Maryland.
  • Recommended improved marketing, education and awareness of programs, including energy financing programs, and accessibility for multi-family properties in the 2012-2014 Utility EmPOWER Maryland Plans.

See your utility's website for more information about their EmPOWER Maryland customer incentives: