Licensing & Registration

Radio, Television and Electrical Appliance Installation and Repairs 

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Who Must Register?

Chapter 38A of the Montgomery County Code requires that any person, firm or corporation that engages in the business, occupation, profession or trade of installing, repairing or maintaining radio and television equipment or electrical appliances be registered.

  • Electrical appliances are defined as any equipment used or intended for use in the home such as air conditioners, dishwashers, dryers, freezers, furnaces, garbage, disposals, ranges, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and washing machines.
  • Radio and television equipment is defined as any device or instrument used or intended for personal use by the consumer for the transmission, reception or amplification of sounds, pictures or images by means of electrical impulses, including (but not limited to) radios, televisions, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phonographs, tape recorders and tape players and any component part thereof.

What is the Registration Process?

The registration process is performed by the Office of Consumer Protection. The process includes completion of an Application for Certificate of Registration for Radio, Television & Electrical Appliance Installation and Repairs and payment of a fee. The fee schedule is based upon the applicant's number of employees, and appears on the last page of the application form. Both new and renewal certificates are issued annually.

Number of Technicians Fee
1-10 $40
11-15 $58
16 or more $92

Are there penalties for failure to register?

Any person, firm or corporation who fails to register is subject to a class A violation and may have to pay civil fines as a penalty.  Each violation is subject to a $500.00 civil citation.

For additional information, contact the Office of Consumer Protection at 240.777.3636 or by email at [email protected].