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Motor Vehicle Repair, Maintenance & Towing


All shops in Montgomery County should know that consumers have a right to an estimate upon request and to a written estimate for repairs exceeding $25.  You should have a sign posted with this notice.  We have such signs available for purchase at $25 each.

You may charge a reasonable fee for giving estimates, but only if the fee is disclosed to the customer beforehand.  This disclosure must make what is to be charged in clear language for the consumers.  If providing the estimate requires teardown, the disclosure must also state the cost of reassembly if the customer chooses not to have you proceed with the work.  Similarly, if you have a minimum checkout fee, it must be disclosed ahead of time.

Body shops, before beginning work, are also required by the state Automotive Crash Parts Act to give the customer a list of the replacement parts it intends to use, specifying whether they are "genuine" (OEM) or "aftermarket."  If any aftermarket parts are used, the following statement must be included:

"This estimate has been prepared based on the use of aftermarket crash   parts that are not manufactured by the original manufacturer of the vehicle or by a manufacturer authorized by the original manufacturer to use its name or trademark.  The use of certain aftermarket crash parts may modify the original manufacturer's warranty on the crash parts being replaced.  Upon request of the customer, the body shop shall provide, if available, a copy of any warranty for an aftermarket crash part used."

There are additional important requirements for estimates beyond these basics.  Please refer to Montgomery County Code, Sec. 31A-10. Repair and maintenance estimates for additional information.