Disclosure of Merchant Complaint Records

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) Merchant Complaint Disclosure Reports are based on complaints filed with OCP over the last three (3) years. The total number of complaints includes both closed and pending complaints. A pending complaint means the complaint is currently under investigation by OCP. A closed complaint means that the complaint is not currently under investigation and OCP has closed the complaint file.   

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PLEASE READ:  The complaint information is deemed to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information.  Any information that is shown to be inaccurate will be corrected if brought to the attention of OCP.

Please note that, except for the complaints coded "Legal Action", the fact that a complaint is reported against a merchant does not mean that OCP has made a determination as to the truth of the allegations.  By the same token, the fact that we have few or no complaints against a merchant should not, standing alone, be taken as an indication that the merchant is honest and reputable.  A merchant's complaint history is just one indication of a merchant's reliability. 

There are limitations to the complaint data. Complaint totals for merchants can be affected by business volume, location, or the nature of the business.  Some complaints may be unjustified or minor in nature.  OCP does not take complaints on merchants that are exempt from coverage under the Montgomery County Consumer Protection Act.  Click here to see types of merchants exempt from coverage.

OCP uses the following codes when closing a complaint:

Closing Code Description
100 Complaint Resolved (The merchant's settlement offer or explanation was accepted by the consumer.)
200 Complaint Unresolved (The merchant's settlement offer or explanation was not accepted by the consumer, or the merchant failed to make any settlement offer or explanation.)
400 Legal Action (OCP has made a determination that there are reasonable grounds to believe a law violation has occurred and has either transmitted the matter to the county attorney for legal action or settled the matter with a legally binding Settlement Agreement.)
600 Consumer Remarks (A complaint was filed by a consumer for informational purposes only.  No investigation as conducted.)