Disclosure of Merchant Complaint Records

Merchants Exempt from Coverage    

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Montgomery County's Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 11 of the County Code, Section 11-5) exempts certain merchants from coverage.  Therefore, the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) does not take complaints against the following merchants:
(1)   Professional services of certified public accountants, architects, clergymen, professional engineers, lawyers, veterinarians, insurance agents and brokers licensed by the state, Christian Science practitioners, land surveyors and property line surveyors, optometrists, physical therapists, podiatrists, and medical and dental practitioners engaging in their respective professional endeavors.
(2)   Any television or radio broadcasting station or to any publisher or printer of a newspaper, magazine or other form of printed advertising who broadcasts, publishes or prints and advertisement which violates this chapter except insofar as such station or publisher or printer engages in a deceptive or unconscionable practice in the sale or offering for sale of its own goods or services or has knowledge of the advertising being in violation of this chapter.
(3)   Public service companies subject ot the jurisdiction of the public service commission, as provided in article 78 of the Annotated Code of Maryland.
(4)   Defective tenancies or other complaints concerning any condition in a rental facility which arises out of a landlord-tenant relationship and which constitutes a violation of chapter 29.
(5)   The sale of real estate, directly or indirectly by any owner-occupant of the real estate, or re-sale of real estate directly or indirectly by any owner of less than three (3) dwelling units.
Complaints against licensed home improvement contractors may be referred to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) if it appears that the complaint is a damage claim for poor workmanship and is appropriate to file against the MHIC Guarantee Fund.