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Hearing Examiner Reports for Zoning Cases

OZAH is the official custodian of zoning records and reports.  OZAH conducts the public hearings in zoning cases and issues a report and recommendation to the County Council.  The County Council, sitting as District Council, makes the final decision in these cases.

Direct contacts with Council members about land use matters pending before the Hearing Examiner are prohibited by law as “ ex parte ” communications. The same is true regarding ex parte communications with the Hearing Examiner assigned to the matter, in the absence of the other parties of record. For an explanation of this restriction see Ex Parte Communications.

Case No. Case Name Date of Report
DPA 15-01 In the Matter of USL2 MR Montgomery Village Business Trust Oct. 7, 2015
DPA 13-02 In the Matter of Adventist Healthcare, Inc. and Cabin Branch Commons, LLC Dec. 9, 2013

SDPA 12-1

In the Matter of Wildwood Medical Center, LLC Dec. 10, 2012
DPA 05-2 In the Matter of Branch Banking & Trust Company (BB&T) Feb. 3, 2011
DPA 11-1 In the Matter of Clarksburg Village Center, LLC - After Remand Nov. 9, 2011
DPA 11-1 In the Matter of Clarksburg Village Center, LLC Jan. 31, 2011
DPA 09-1 In the Matter of Fairland Development, LLC and Fairland Development II, LLC Jul. 9, 2009
DPA 08-2 In the Matter of Stabler 1848 (Goddard School) Jan. 30, 2009
DPA 05-1 In the Matter of Skylark Investment, LLC and Clarksburg Village, LLC April 30, 2008
DPA 07-2 In the Matter of Pettit Companies Jan. 16, 2008
DPA 06-1 In the Matter of Laurence Lipnik & Battery Lane, LLC April 6, 2007
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