Patrolman James E. Shoemaker
(EOW 2/4/38)

James E. Shoemaker


Patrolman James Shoemaker was off duty the night of February 4, 1938, when he attempted to eject a disorderly woman from a beer hall on Conduit Road (MacArthur Boulevard) in Glen Echo. According to eyewitnesses, the 49-year-old patrolman was kicked during the scuffle and fell to the ground. Following his collapse, he was transported to Georgetown Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. He was known to have suffered from a heart ailment, and the cause of death was, in all probability, attributed to a heart attack. Shoemaker had been in the department eight years and was assigned to the Bethesda substation. The 45-year-old woman he was scuffling with was charged with manslaughter.