The Montgomery County Department of Police located in Montgomery County, Maryland, includes approximately 1,300 sworn officers and approximately 700 support personnel.

The Police Department is structured into the Office of the Chief under which is the Internal Affairs Division, and then four major bureaus: the Field Services Bureau, the Investigative Services Bureau, the Management Services Bureau, and the Patrol Services Bureau. The Patrol Services Bureau, the largest and most visible bureau in the Police Department, oversees the majority of the Department’s uniformed officers on patrol. The Patrol Services Bureau is divided into six police districts.

Our Mission

To safeguard life and property,
preserve the peace,
prevent and detect crime,
enforce the law,
and protect the rights of all citizens.

Police Chief and Deputies L to R: Assistant Chief Tom Didone, Assistant Chief Willie Parker-Loan, Chief Marcus Jones,
Assistant Chief Ron Smith, Assistant Chief Dinesh Patil