Police Officer III James E. Walch
(EOW 1/25/94)

James E. Walch


On Tuesday, January 25, 1994, a Montgomery County police officer began a pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the area of Briggs Chaney Road and Route 29 in Silver Spring. Police Officer III James Walch and other on-duty officers were responding to assist in the pursuit. Traveling eastbound on Randolph Road near Hammonton Road, POIII Walch’s vehicle struck a patch of “black ice” on the roadway. POIII Walch’s vehicle slid out of control causing the vehicle to strike—rear first—a utility pole. Upon impact, the vehicle’s gas tank ruptured and burst into flames. POIII Walch was killed instantly. The driver of the stolen vehicle was a juvenile.

Thirty-year-old James Walch was a six-year veteran of the Department. POIII Walch also served four years in the Marine Corps prior to his appointment to the Department.  He left behind a wife and young son.