Police Officer III William D. Talbert
(EOW 1/27/12)

William Talbert

Police Officer III William D. “Bill” Talbert died as the result of medical complications after being injured by a drunk driver.
On June 20, 1983, Officer Talbert was standing between his patrol car and another vehicle when a drunk driver struck one of the vehicles.  He was pinned between the two vehicles and was transported to a local hospital.  At the hospital, Officer Talbert received a blood transfusion.  Later, it was discovered that the blood he received was infected with Hepatitis C.

Officer Talbert medically retired from the Department in 1984.  His health continued to deteriorate and he passed away on January 27, 2012.
Officer Talbert was a United States Navy veteran and had served with the Montgomery County Police Department for 13 years.  At the time of his passing, he was survived by his wife, daughter, three sons, ten grandchildren, and sister.