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The Meaning of our Patch

The official patch worn by members of the Montgomery County Police Department incorporates the official Coat of Arms of Montgomery County, Maryland.  The Coat of Arms uses some of the elements of the family arms of General Richard Montgomery, for whom the county was named in 1776.

The broken spear at the top of the crest is probably an award to an early member of the Montgomery family.  The spear and the armor encased forearm or cubit arm are used by those Montgomery families that use the motto “Gardez Bien.”

The pointed yellow and black flags at the top of the crest were taken from the Maryland State coat of arms in order to reflect Montgomery County’s relation with the State of Maryland, which is not shared by any of the other 16 counties in the United States which are named for General Richard Montgomery.

The gold mural crown is used by many municipalities, and the indented line at its top represents the borders of a local government.

The helmet and mantling are of a style used in municipal coats of arms.

The gold fleur-de-lis in two quarters of the shield are reminders of the French ancestry of the Montgomery family.

The gold rings with blue gemstones in two quarters of the shield proclaim royal favor and protection and are found in the family coat of arms of General Montgomery’s family.

The identified line which separates the upper quarters of the shield from the lower quarters of the shield represent the borders of a local government.

The motto “Gardez Bien” – Guard Well – is a motto used by General Montgomery’s family.



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