Neighborhood Mulch Preserves

Mulch preserves are closed for the season, effective October 31, 2019.


Where are Mulch Preserves located?

Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station

16101 Frederick Road
Derwood, MD 20855

Monday-Friday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Our Shady Grove mulch site layout has changed

The mulch is accessible via the upper lot area of the Shady Grove Transfer Station near the community drop off area and the oil pavilion. Please proceed to the designated area or ask one of the Transfer Station attendants when you arrive on site and they will direct you to the correct area.

Enter through the Frederick Road Entrance at 16101 Frederick Road.

You may experience waits if other customers are ahead of you.

To load mulch into your vehicle, bring

  • a pitchfork or shovel
  • a box, trash can, or other container for carrying mulch from the pile to your vehicle

E. E. Halmos Park

(Bodmer Ave Entrance)
Poolesville, MD 20837
Open: Daylight hours


  • Take Route 28 West to Route 107 North
  • Turn left onto Fox Avenue
  • Turn right onto Hughes Road
  • Turn left onto Bodmer Avenue

What are Neighborhood Mulch Preserves?

Neighborhood Mulch Preserves are part of our effort to decentralize the management of yard trim, in this case, brush. This program helps us reduce the costs of transporting this material and of processing it into compost. Plus, the Preserves provide convenient community access to a free, valuable resource for yards and gardens: mulch!

How is the mulch made?

Brush — twigs and branches collected curbside from residents on their recycling day — is hauled to the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station. Here, the brush is passed through a tub grinder, which shreds the woody material into pieces roughly 2 to 4 inches long.

Can you deliver mulch to me?

Sorry, we do not deliver mulch.

You must transport the mulch yourself. Also, you must cover all truck and trailer loads.

Do you supply loading tools and assistance?

You must load the mulch you wish to take. Please bring your own tools and bags or containers.

How can I use free County mulch?

The mulch from our Neighborhood Mulch Preserves is good for:

  • mulch around woody plants such as bushes, shrubs, and trees
  • cover material on walkways or other areas where you want to control vegetation.
  • a carbon-rich addition to home compost piles

Mulch from our Neighborhood Mulch Preserves is not the same product that you buy from garden centers or nurseries!

Please observe these cautions:

Age the mulch before applying it. Our mulch is "green", or fresh. It must be aged for at least 6 to 8 months before it can be used for your flowers, vegetables, or other plants with tender or shallow root systems.

Wear protective clothing. Mulch may contain allergens, poison ivy, termites, and/or carpenter ants. (Composting/curing may eliminate most of these problems.) Wear proper clothing when handling this mulch, such as a long sleeve shirt and pants, gloves, eye protection and a dust mask.

The Division of Solid Waste Services makes no guarantee about the quality of the mulch, nor assumes any liability for injury or property damage as a result of the use of this mulch.

Can I use free County mulch on playgrounds?

We do not recommend this mulch for use on playgrounds.