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Owner Requested Euthanasia

We strive to provide our pets with long, happy lives, however, the time may come when you face the difficult decision to have your pet humanely euthanized either due to health or behavioral issues. This is a serious decision and one that should be made with great consideration. When that time comes, the compassionate staff of the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC) are here to assist you. We make every effort to ensure your pet passes comfortably and peacefully and that the process is fully explained to you. Members of our staff are state-certified in humane euthanasia. Please note that owners may not be present in the room during euthanasia.
Owner requested euthanasia requires an appointment. We offer appointments during the following times:

Monday through Friday at 11:30am and 12:30pm.
(Closed Wednesdays)

To schedule an appointment, please call 240.773.5900.

It will be necessary to provide proof-of-ownership for services.
Please be prepared to bring one or more of the following items to your appointment:

  • veterinary records
  • license and vaccination records
  • purchase or adoption receipts
  • microchip registration documents


Please note that the staff of MCASAC reserve the right to decline owner-requested euthanasia if they determine that the animal still has quality life remaining and that the animal can live comfortably.

How will you know when the time is right?
If your pet is sick or injured, can no longer experience the things it once enjoyed, cannot respond to you in its usual ways, or appears to be experiencing more pain than pleasure, you may need to consult your veterinarian for advice. If you are considering euthanasia because of behavioral concerns you may need to consult with a certifed trainer or behaviorist.

Coping With Grief
When you lose a pet, it can feel like losing a friend or a family member. It is normal to experience feelings of grief and sorrow.  Many forms of support are available, including pet bereavement counseling services, pet-loss support hotlines, online Internet bereavement groups, books, videos, and magazine articles. 


Contact Us: Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center
Department of Police · Animal Services Division
7315 Muncaster Mill Road · Derwood, MD 20855 · Telephone: 240.773.5900 · Fax: 301.279.1063
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