Rehoming Pets Courtesy Listings

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MCASAC understands that pet owners may find themselves in the very unfortunate position of having to rehome their beloved pet. During such heartbreaking situations, MCASAC is committed to assisting families and individuals by partnering with Rehome, an initiative by Through this collaboration, we are able to provide free courtesy listings for pets in the community who are searching  for new homes.

Through our partnership with Adopt-a-Pet, we can help pet owners find new families for their pets without them ever having to enter the shelter.

To list your pet on Rehome today, please click here and use the coupon code RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z to list your pet for free.

Please note that the pets featured below are not located at MCASAC. Interested adopters must communicate through We offer the below listing as a courtesy for pet owners and hopeful adopters in the Montgomery County area who are seeking to rehome or adopt a pet. MCASAC is not responsible for any aspect of the adoption of these pets.  Please reach out to the owner with any questions about a specific animal. For more information on Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet operates, please visit their How it Works page, or check out their Pet Owner FAQs.



Community Pet Listings:


MCASAC is always here as a resource for you, your neighbors, and the animals in Montgomery County. Please do not hesitate to contact MCASAC for more information.