Where can I obtain information about wildlife problems?

The  Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the  Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offer information and help on wildlife and wildlife problems.

Species Conflicts (HSUS)
Bats:  humanesociety.org/bats
Bears:  humanesociety.org/blackbears
Coyotes:  humanesociety.org/coyotes
Canada geese:  humanesociety.org/geese
Deer:  humanesociety.org/deer
Foxes:  humanesociety.org/foxes
Raccoons:  humanesociety.org/raccoons
Skunks:  humanesociety.org/skunks
Squirrels:  humanesociety.org/squirrels
Woodchucks (Groundhogs):  humanesociety.org/woodchucks
Solving Problems with Wildlife (All):  wildneighbors.org

Wildlife Issues
Found an Orphaned or Injured Baby Wild Animal?:  humanesociety.org/babywildlife
How to Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator:  humanesociety.org/wildliferehab
Choosing a Wildlife Control Company:  humanesociety.org/wildlifecompany
Scrap the Trap:  humanesociety.org/traps

What can I do about a nuisance wildlife problem?

Nuisance wildlife issues include situations such as raccoons living in your home's attic or chimney, a groundhog living under your shed, or a squirrel inside your home's walls.

DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service and the  U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provide a toll-free number to answer questions and provide guidance for these types of nuisance wildlife issues: 1-877-463-6497. The call center may also provide you with a referral to a private licensed Wildlife Control Cooperator who is knowledgeable and trained to respond to these nuisance wildlife issues and evict wildlife from your home and prevent the animals from re-entering in the future.   

What can I do about wildlife that has entered my home's living space?

For wildlife that has entered your home's  living space, such as a snake in your kitchen, a raccoon in your bathroom, or a bat in your bedroom – please call the police Emergency Communication Center at 301-279-8000 and an Animal Services Officer will be dispatched to assist you.  For animals that have entered or taken residence in a non-living space, e.g. attic, under porch, please visit  wildneighbors.org.

How do I report sick or injured wildlife?

Sick or injured wildlife may be reported to the police Emergency Communication Center at 301-279-8000 and an Animal Services Officer will be dispatched to investigate.

Is there a wildlife rehabilitation center in Montgomery County?

Yes, the  Second Chance Wildlife Center in Gaithersburg.  Each year, concerned citizens bring in thousands of native wildlife for medical treatment, attentive care, and release to the center.

Please call the Second Chance Wildlife Center for guidance before collecting and transporting an apparently injured or orphaned wild animal. Many young wild animals, such as fledgling birds, may appear to be injured but in reality are just fine and are simply not quite able to fly yet. Likewise, many young wild animals may appear to be orphaned or abandoned, when in reality are under their mothers care, and are only orphaned when unwittingly collected and removed from their natural environment by well meaning humans.  They can be reached at 301-926-9453.