Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)

Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) are policies that establish performance levels for buildings and drive all buildings that BEPS covers to achieve these levels in the long-term with required progress at regular intervals in the interim. A BEPS sets a minimum threshold for energy performance for existing buildings, which are based on and measured against a building’s demonstrated energy performance, as shown in their benchmarking data.

See IMT’s primer on BEPS.

Policy Elements of BEPS in Montgomery County

The County’s BEPS Law incorporates the following components:


While the proposed legislation outlines the parameters of BEPS and creates a framework, some facets will be set via regulation. These include:

  • The final energy performance standards by building type that each building must meet by their final performance
  • Required elements of Building Performance Improvement Plans (BPIPs), an alternative compliance pathway for buildings,
  • Details on the Renewable Energy Allowance to expand renewable energy installations in the County, and 
  • Eligibility for extensions for certain buildings.

Draft Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) Executive Regulations appeared in the November 2023 County Register. Pursuant to the BEPS legislation, the County Executive has issued Method (2) regulations that further dictate BEPS implementation which will be considered by County Council in 2024.

The full transmittal packet of proposed BEPS regulations (PDF) contains:

  • Page 1 – 6: Memos outlining basics about the regulations, including summary of changes to the regulations in response to public comments
  • Page 7 – 36: The Building Performance Improvement Board's summary recommendation report on BEPS regulations
  • Page 37 – 210: All comments received during the 30-day public comment period
  • Page 211 – 225: Clean version of the proposed regulations (PDF)
  • Page 226 – 240: Blackline version of the proposed reg

The Council approved a resolution to extend the deadline for consideration of Executive Regulation 17-23, Building Energy Performance Standards to September 30, 2024. 

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