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Spring St. Cedar St. Separated Bike Lanes

The Spring Street/Cedar Street Separated Bike Lanes project will construct separated bike lanes along Spring and Cedar Streets in downtown Silver Spring. The new bikeway will run along Spring Street from Second Avenue in the west to Ellsworth Drive and will continue along Cedar Street to Wayne Avenue.

A separated bike lane is a bike lane that is separated from moving vehicles with a barrier of some sort. Along Spring and Cedar, we’ll use a painted buffer with flexpost delineators to keep cars from intruding into the bikeway. On most blocks, in addition to these barriers, parked cars will provide a buffer from moving vehicles.

Spring St Cedar St Separated Bike Lane Rd

The Spring/Cedar separated bike lanes will have a pair of one-way separated bike lanes, where each bike lane is on the same side of the street as traffic going in the same direction. This is the same design as the separated bike lanes recently constructed on Nebel Street in White Flint.

MCDOT will begin construction of the Spring Street/Cedar Street Separated Bike Lanes in March 2017. Construction will last approximately 2 months, weather permitting.

Matt Johnson, A.I.C.P.
BiPPA Program Manager
Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Dr., 4th Floor
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: 240-777-7237

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