Car Sharing

For employees, carsharing:

  • Offers convenient access to cars near your office.
  • Complements public transit and carpooling.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.
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The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has announced (See County Press release issued) a significant expansion of commercial car sharing services in the County at no cost to the County. Car sharing provides County residents, visitors and businesses with increased access to convenient transportation options that reduce parking demand and traffic congestion in the County’s urban centers.

MCDOT currently provides public parking spaces for 39 car sharing vehicles. Zipcar, Inc. is paying established parking rates for use of the County parking spaces in Bethesda, Silver Spring, North Bethesda, Wheaton and Chevy Chase. EV was added to Wheaton Market Place Garage in Wheaton (Garage 13) in June 2023.

Car sharing vehicles are also available at Metrorail stations in Montgomery County including Bethesda, Grosvenor-Strathmore, Silver Spring, Shady Grove, and White Flint.

Call 240-773-BWTW (2989) or email us anytime for more information.


Zipcar offers "wheels when you want them." It's the world's largest car sharing service and an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. Zipcar members report an average monthly savings of more than $500 compared to car ownership.

People can share Zipcars all around the greater Washington DC area, as well as in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and more. Zipcars also live on campus at many universities.

Click on Zipcar to visit their website.

Zipcar Facilities

Bethesda #Spaces
Woodmont Ave. & Norfolk Ave. (On Street) 1
Waverly Garage (Garage 47) 3
Cordell Garage @ St Elmo (Garage 40) 1
Bethesda-Elm Garage (Garage 57) 2
Silver Spring #Spaces
Cameron St. & Georgia Ave. (On Street) 2
Fenton & Colesville Rd. (On Street) 2
Kennett St. Parking Lot @ 8040 Kennett St. (next to Garage 9) 4
Ellsworth Dr. & Veterans Pl. (On Street) 3
Fenton St. Village Public Parking Garage 4 (Outside Lot) 4
1101 Bonitan St. Bonifant-Dixon Garage (Garage 5) 6
Wheaton #Spaces
Lot 17 @ Wheaton Metro 3
Chevy Chase # Spaces
Friendship Blvd & Willard Ave (On Street) 4
Farm Women's Market Lot 24 @ 4601 Leland Street 2


Car sharing is urban mobility for the 21st century. Many people living in cities don't drive enough to justify the expense and hassles of owning a car - yet can't give up the freedom of driving a car when they want to. Car sharing provides flexible wheels - a network of cars throughout the city, 24 hours a day, paying-per-trip.

As of July 1, 2009 - based on data from the University of California - 26 U.S. car sharing programs claimed more than 320,000 members sharing more than 7,700 vehicles in cities, corporate campuses and at colleges.

Users reserve vehicles by phone, smartphone or the Internet, and you pay only when you use them, for a few hours, or a week. You pay per trip, and never have to worry about repairs, insurance, or monthly parking again.

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