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Executive Office Building (EOB) Garage 
​Parking is available in the Executive Office Building (EOB) Parking Garage for employees only. The EOB underground garage is located at 101 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD 20850​​.  Employees must use the Monroe Street entrance to access the EOB Garage. Access at this entrance is by Key Card only.
EOB Garage EntranceEOB Garage Entrance

The following County Offices are located in the EOB Building.
EOB Cafeteria – Terrace Level
EOB Auditorium - 1st Floor
Office of County Attorney  – 3rd Floor
Public Information Office – 4th Floor
Debt Collection Unit – 4th floor
Revenue Authority – 4th floor
Fare Media Program  – 5th floor
Human Resources Office – 7th & 8th Floors
General Services - 9th Floor
Transportation - 10th Floor
Technology Services - 13th Floor
Finance - 15th Floor


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