Climate Action Planning

The recommendations developed by Montgomery County’s community-based climate workgroups are now available for public review! See the overview of recommendations, the complete list of all 850 recommendations, and the reports and supplementary materials developed by each climate workgroup here.


In July 2019, Montgomery County launched a planning process to develop prioritized actions and strategies to meet the County’s GHG emissions reduction goals. The County intends to finalize a Climate Action and Resilience Plan by early 2021 that will provide a roadmap to achieve zero emissions and provide recommendations for adapting to a changing climate.

To kick off the climate planning process, the County convened five technical workgroups consisting of 150 community members, County and municipality staff.  The workgroups, which have concluded, developed 850 recommendations.  

In April 2020, the County executed a contract with a consultant team for the analysis and modeling phase of the Climate Action and Resilience Plan. There will be opportunities for the public to provide input at multiple phases of the climate planning process. For upcoming schedule of events, see here.

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Upcoming Climate Events: