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Montgomery County has long been a national leader in addressing climate change. This leadership is derived from an engaged and well-educated community, one that recognizes the need for everyone to do their part -- government, residents, businesses, and civic organizations.

This shared responsibility is demonstrated by:

  • the numerous locally-based environmental organizations sharply focused on climate change;
  • the commercial property owners and businesses working to green their buildings and operations; and
  • the residents who are purchasing clean energy, installing solar panels and taking mass transit.

And yet, there is a need to redouble our efforts. In December 2017, Montgomery County declared a climate emergency and accelerated our community-wide climate goals to be carbon neutral by 2035. In doing so, we have the opportunity to reimagine and enhance our quality of life.  Because when we combat climate change, we not only improve our air and water, we also strengthen our economy, enhance our well-being, and develop greater resiliency. Together, we can build a better, cleaner, more modern Montgomery County!

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