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Montgomery County Climate Action Annual Report Highlights 75 Accomplishments to Reduce Climate-Related Risks

Montgomery County has released its first Climate Action Plan Annual Report (PDF,1.28MB), a work plan detailing Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) accomplishments and Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) plans to combat climate change. The report highlights 75 accomplishments in the first year since the plan was released in June 2021.


Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan is Montgomery County’s strategic plan to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2027 and 100% by 2035. The Climate Action Plan details the effects of a changing climate on Montgomery County and includes strategies to reduce GHG emissions and climate-related risks to the County’s residents, businesses, and the built and natural environment.


Youth Climate Education - Interactive Slides

Check out our new series of interactive youth climate education slides.

Youth Climate Education

climate change overview title slide of hands holding a globe

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Download PDF (PDF, 739KB)

Energy and Transportation

climate change energy and transportation title slide

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Climate Action Plan Fact Sheets

Check out our handy one-page fact sheets!

►  Building Actions (PDF, 117KB)
►  Carbon Sequestration Actions (PDF, 147KB)
►  Climate Adaptation Actions (PDF, 133KB)
►  Climate Governance Actions (PDF, 126KB)
►  Clean Energy Actions (PDF, 98KB)
►  How Can I Act on Climate Change? (PDF, 3MB)
►  Public Engagement, Partnerships, and Education Actions (PDF, 102KB)
►  Solar Energy for Commercial Buildings (PDF, 2.16MB)
►  Solar Energy for Residential Buildings (PDF, 928KB)
►  Transportation Actions (PDF, 159KB)


Climate Action Plan Press Event and Press Release

County Executive Elrich Unveils Montgomery County Climate Action Plan That Is One of the Most Ambitious in the Nation

►   Read the Climate Action Plan Press Release

The County Executive’s Fiscal Year 2023 recommended budget includes record investments to address climate change.

What Can I Do?

What can my family, friends, and I do in our everyday lives to combat climate change and create a more resilient Montgomery County?

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint and Take Action

Climate Change Infographic

Download the Interactive Climate Change Infographic (PDF, 338KB)

Calcule su huella de carbono y tome acción

Climate Change Infographic - Spanish

Descargue la infografía interactiva sobre el cambio climático (PDF, 343KB)


Tour the Climate Action Plan Virtual Information Room

Visit the Draft Climate Action Plan Virtual Information Room

►   Visit the Climate Action Plan Virtual Information Room


Community Feedback

The Montgomery County Climate team provided opportunities for community feedback on the Draft Climate Action Plan.

►  Public Comments Summarized by Theme on the Draft Climate Action Plan (PDF, 294KB)
►  List of Individual Public Comments Received on the Draft Climate Action Plan


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