Beyond Benchmarking: Saving Energy & Recognition


Once your building has been benchmarked, you may find that there is room to improve energy efficiency (and maybe raise your score!). Simple adjustments to equipment start time, operations parameters, occupant behavior, and controls can reap significant energy and cost savings.


Utility Incentives

Commit to making energy improvements, and use your benchmarking data to discuss with your energy utility what incentives are available for energy efficiency projects. Learn more at:


 Finance Building Upgrades

C-PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing allows commercial building owners to take out long-term loans for energy and water conserving projects and renewable energy projects and pay them back over time through the County’s tax assessment system. The County's C-PACE program is managed by the Montgomery County Green Bank. Visit the C-PACE program page for more information about the County’s C-PACE Financing Program and whether your property is eligible to participate.


Montgomery County Green Bank Financing

The Green Bank offers many flexible financing options for commercial property owners to undertake energy efficiency and clean energy projects. Visit the Green Bank’s website for more information on the financing and Participating Lenders.


Get Recognized

ENERGY STAR Certification

If your building achieved an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher, you qualify for ENERGY STAR Certification. Why earn ENERGY STAR Certification?  Join the other buildings in  Montgomery County and Maryland that are already certified, and learn about  Ten reasons to pursue ENERGY STAR Certification.   Learn how to get certified and be recognized with the biggest little logo out there!



Organize a Building Competition

Use ENERGY STAR's outreach materials and platform to host your own building competition in your portfolio of buildings. Competitions can be a great way to engage employees and occupants in finding efficiencies, reducing waste, and protecting the environment – all by saving energy and water. Learn more on EPA's website.



U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge

The  Better Buildings Challenge supports commercial and industrial building owners by providing technical assistance and proven solutions to energy efficiency. View the  Program Overview ( PDF, 147 KB) for more information.


GSA Leasing

Interested in leasing to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)? Be sure your building is up to their energy standards – able to achieve a score of 75 or higher (within 18 months of GSA occupancy).


DEP Recognition and your Benchmarking Story

Have a good story to tell?  Maybe you improved your score by 15 or 20 points?  Perhaps you did a savings project and your energy performance improved?  Maybe you finally got to 75? Tell us how you did it and get recognized!  Email DEP to complete a BENCHMARKED Profile and be featured in our  Montgomery County Energy News!


Congratulations to the Early Bird Benchmarkers and Early Reporters!

The Department of Environmental Protection would like to extend a big thank you to our Early Bird Benchmarkers and Early Reporters! Early Bird organizations earned the esteemed title of  Early Bird Benchmarker  by voluntarily reporting calendar year 2014 benchmarking data to DEP by August 1, 2015:

  • Adventist HealthCare
  • American Real Estate Partners
  • Brookfield Properties
  • The Chevy Chase Land Company of Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Colonel’s Limited dba Papa John’s Pizza
  • First Potomac Realty Trust
  • Grady Management, Inc.
  • Hughes Network Systems, LLC
  • The JBG Companies
  • Matan Companies
  • Montgomery College
  • ProMark Real Estate Services, LLC
  • Recurrent, LLC
  • The Tower Companies
  • Vanguard Realty Group

These organizations have greatly assisted DEP with developing data analyses and new guidance and outreach materials, and are now well-positioned to meet the upcoming requirements of the County’s Benchmarking Law. Download the  Early Bird Benchmarker Flyer ( PDF, 308 KB). Montgomery County honored these Early Birds at a special event in September 2015. Read about the Early Bird Press Event here. 

Following the successful Early Birds Pilot and Recognition Program in 2015, DEP also recognizes a handful of additional organizations that voluntarily benchmarked their building calendar year 2014 energy data and reported it to DEP by December 31, 2015 and becoming  Early Reporters :

  • Federal Realty Investment Trust
  • MRP Realty
  • Tishman Speyer

We also acknowledge the leadership our own Montgomery County Department of General Services (DGS) has demonstrated by meeting their initial June 1, 2015 deadline.  County buildings were given a deadline ahead of private sector deadlines so we might lead-by-example.  By benchmarking ahead of our private sector, DGS has contributed invaluable input, feedback, lessons learned, and best practices to enhance our benchmarking support. 



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