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Interactive GIS Map of Benchmarked Buildings

To better visualize the benchmarking data the County receives every year, DEP developed an interactive GIS map that includes covered buildings’ location, property type, size, year built, compliance status, energy metrics, and ENERGY STAR score (if available). Explore all the data filters and search functions to see how commercial buildings in the County are performing. Data are updated annually in October.


Building Energy Benchmarking Introduction: Brochure and PowerPoint Slides

Download the Montgomery County Benchmarking Brochure for an overview of what you need to know about the law and how to get started.  Building Energy Benchmarking Law Brochure ( PDF, 1.1 MB). To learn the basics of the Benchmarking Law, view the Montgomery County Benchmarking Introductory Forum presentations, held November 6, 2014, for an overview from DEP, Pepco, and ENERGY STAR. Watch the recording or view the slides ( PDF, 2.3 MB).


Benchmarking and Reporting Checklist

To comply with the Law, building owners can use this reporting checklist, a step-by-step summary of how to benchmark, report data to the County, and comply with the Benchmarking Law.  Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Checklist ( PDF, 206 KB).


The Official Guide for Building Energy Benchmarking in Montgomery County

DEP has put together a comprehensive, set-by-step guide for complying with the Building Energy Benchmarking Law in Montgomery County, which includes background information, clarifying instructions, and details about reporting benchmarking data to the County. Download the  Official Guide for Building Energy Benchmarking in Montgomery County ( PDF, 1.1 MB).


How-to Guide for Data Verification

This helpful guide will help building owners and Recognized Data Verifiers complete verification required under the Benchmarking Law. Answers to general questions, separate step-by-step sections for both building owners and Recognized Data Verifiers, and additional resources to make verification a smooth and easy process. How-to Guide for Data Verification ( PDF, 209KB).


Online GIS Map for Locating Tax Parcel Boundaries

 Need help figuring out your tax parcel? Use the online GIS map created from current Maryland tax assessment records to locate the parcel that your building sits on, and see what other buildings share your parcel. Reminder: if your building shares a parcel with other buildings and collectively add up to 50,000 square feet and greater, you'll need to report benchmarking data to DEP.

Frequently Asked Questions

DEP developed a FAQ document to answer questions, provide some clarity, and help organizations meet the Benchmarking Law. Questions cover the law, how to organize your buildings, compliance, verification, and reporting:  Benchmarking Law FAQs ( PDF, 549 KB).


ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Assistance

EPA offers a variety of resources to help users navigate the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. The  ENERGY STAR Help Desk offers an extensive list of searchable FAQs as well as different avenues to contact EPA staff with questions. EPA also offers  Portfolio Manager Trainings that include full-length or short training videos, either in pre-recorded or live viewing formats. 


Case Studies and Blog Articles

Read our  benchmarking blog posts to get the scoop on local buildings that are benchmarking and highlights from our events.


Local Benchmarking Ambassadors

DEP is proud to recognize our list of  Benchmarking Ambassadors (Google Doc).  These individuals attended special 3-hour "train-the-trainer" Ambassadors Trainings, taught by EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Staff, got the details about complying with Montgomery County's law, and information on accessing data from utilities. If you have a question about the law or how to best proceed with your benchmarking, these individuals and organizations are a great place to start.

Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not confer certification, an official endorsement, or approval from the Montgomery County Government or any of its agencies.


DEP’s Building Inventory

DEP developed a preliminary  Covered Buildings Inventory (MS Excel, 116 KB) to raise awareness about the Benchmarking Law. This list was created with current Maryland tax assessment records and the CoStar commercial building database. Please refer to the accompanying  Covered Buildings Inventory informational document ( PDF, 358 KB) which outlines DEP's data sources, assumptions, and definitions used in the inventory.

Note: This inventory is an approximation, meant to raise awareness about the law and help identify the buildings covered by the law.  Each building owner will need to confirm their own building square footage to determine coverage under the Law.


Building Definitions and Scenarios Guide

With the variety of building arrangements, parcels, and complexes in the County, benchmarking your Covered buildings under the Benchmarking Law might have you scratching your head. DEP is here to help! We've put together a document that will walk you through the different scenarios you may find your Covered building in, whether or not you need to benchmark under the Law, and next steps for each scenario. Download the Building Definitions and Scenarios Guide ( PDF,  1 MB).


Tenant Information Request Letter Template

Building owners may need to request operations information from their tenants to have a full and complete Portfolio Manager property entry.This template includes: a table to enter contact information, sample transmittal memo text, required and optional fields for space use types for your tenants to complete, and a utility account information data release form. Using this template is optional--you may collect data from your tenants however you wish, but this template makes it easy to get the information you need quickly! Building owners must request any space data needed in writing to the tenant no later than March 31 of each compliance year. Tenants must respond within 30 days of a request, per the Benchmarking Law. Using this template is not required and is only meant as a guide.  Tenant Information Request Letter Template (MS Word, 99 KB). 


Reported and Disclosed Metrics

The Benchmarking Law requires the County to make reported benchmarking information readily available to the public. Not all collected metrics will be disclosed. The collected but undisclosed data will only be used to provide aggregate metrics and portfolio-wide benchmarks.  DEP Fact Sheet: Metrics Reported and Disclosed ( PDF, 26 KB).


Building Exemption and Waiver Application

Per the Benchmarking Law, commercial buildings may request an exemption for certain use types or a waiver if the building meets certain requirements using the Building Exemption/Waiver Application. Building owners should submit applications for exemptions and waivers to DEP no later than May 1 of each deadline year. 


Montgomery County DEP Support

Montgomery County DEP offers support for building owners benchmarking in Portfolio Manager through the following resources:

  • DEP Office Hours: These are monthly sessions held at DEP to answer any and all questions you may have about the Benchmarking Law. Subscribe to the Montgomery County Benchmarking News for these event announcements.
  • Benchmarking Law and Requirements Questions: If you have a question about compliance, details of the law, or the processes and procedures to comply (e.g., the MBID), you can check out our  Frequently Asked Questions ( PDF,  549 KB) or email your question to DEP at
  • Portfolio Manager Support: In general, DEP uses the same Portfolio Manager resources as the public and can refer you to Portfolio Manager’s technical support. DEP may offer to try to help you with any questions in Portfolio Manager – in these cases, we may ask you to share your property (read-only) with us so we can look at it from our computers to try to solve the problem. You can revoke this sharing at any time. To request/schedule a DEP session, email DEP at


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