Electrify MC Pilot


What is Electrify MC?

Electrify MC is a pilot project created to help residents transition from fossil fuels (oil, gas, and propane) in their homes. Electrify MC will provide residents with a one-stop option to help them electrify their homes.

Elysian Energy, the competitively chosen contractor, will provide outreach and technical support about this project and staff the Help Desk, perform Home Performance with ENERGY STAR audits, provide recommendations for electrification add-ons, and do the direct installations using the financial incentives available through Electrify MC.

If you would like to reduce your monthly utility bills and are concerned about climate and health, it’s time to start planning an all-electric home update. Better indoor air quality, home comfort, and carbon-free living are finally within reach, thanks to the IRA savings calculator and Electrify MC can help get you even closer.

Start Your Electrification Journey

  • Sign up. Sign up today and you will receive a phone call and email from the Electrify MC team to talk you through the process.
  • Have questions about what to do to electrify your home? Contact Electrify MC by phone at 301-830-5767 or email them at electrifymc@elysianenergy.com.
  • Already have electric appliances but want to upgrade? Contact Electrify MC to ask them which items may work for you and where you can get those appliances!

How Does Electrify MC Work?

The typical path involves:

  1. Contact the Electrify MC Help Desk
  2. Schedule an energy audit (part of the EmPOWER Maryland program – costs $100)
  3. Audit and electrification assessment are completed
  4. Choose among options to improve the performance of your home, including insulation and air sealing, and electrification of HVAC, water heater, stove and dryer
  5. Have work completed through Elysian Energy
  6. Receive applicable electrification direct incentives from the County at the point of sale, and utility rebates for insulation work in 6-8 weeks

Electrify MC can work with a range of other scenarios, including where an energy audit and weatherization work have already been performed. Read more about Elysian Energy’s approach.

What’s Eligible?


  • Located in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Individually metered utilities

Electric Utility Home Performance Programs


  • Must replace a fossil-fueled equivalent
  • ENERGY STAR listed
Item Direct Incentive
Ducted Heat Pump $1000
Mini-Split Heat Pump $2000
Cold-Climate Heat Pump $2500
Geothermal Heat Pump $2000
Heat Pump Water Heater $500
Electric Range/Cooktop $150
Electric Clothes Dryer $150
Whole House Surge Protector $200

Note: Furnaces may not be retained in a dual-fuel configuration with a heat pump.

Getting started

To enroll in the Montgomery County Electrification Pilot or if you have any questions, simply contact us by phone at 301-830-5767 or email us at electrifymc@elysianenergy.com. You can also sign up through Montgomery County by signing the Montgomery County Electrify Everything sign up form.

Who is Electrify MC?

Through a competitive bid process, Elysian Energy was chosen as the County chosen contractor to lead Electrify MC.

They will be:

  1. Staffing the Electrify MC Help Desk, 301-830-5767 or email them at electrifymc@elysianenergy.com
  2. Perform fuel-switching work in residential homes
  3. Issue the direct incentives to the resident so that the resident gets that amount off the cost of their project



Why can’t I use my own contractor or do-it-myself?
Electrification is relatively new. The County wants to ensure that residents will get consistently good results, so a contractor was selected through a competitive process for this pilot program.

Can’t I just get a rebate check as my incentive?
The Electrify MC pilot program was designed to lower the up-front cost of electrification by including the incentive on the invoice.

Can I receive Electrify MC incentives for electrification work I've completed already?
No, you are not able to receive Electrify MC incentives retroactively. 

Can I use my own contractor and still receive Electrify MC incentives?
For this pilot program Montgomery County has selected one approved and vetted contractor to confirm fuel switching is taking place and being done correctly. To qualify for the Electrify MC incentives the work must be coordinated and completed by Elysian Energy. 

Are there any other incentives for electrification aside from Electrify MC?
Yes, there are tax incentives in place through the Inflation Reduction Act for electrification that you may be eligible for. You can find out more through the US Department of Energy, as well as the Rewiring America's Savings Calculator. We do recommend that you consult a tax professional to confirm your eligibility. 

Can I receive both the Electrify MC incentive and the IRA tax incentive for the same project?

What is a Manual J Calculation?
In order for Elysian Energy to get you an estimate for electrifying your HVAC, we do need to perform a Manual J Calculation to ensure you’re getting properly sized equipment for your home. This calculation looks at the existing conditions of the home as well as proposed weatherization improvements in order to determine HVAC capacity and properly size new heating and cooling equipment. We are offering Manual Js through this program for a discounted price of $200.