Alternatives to Traditional Lawns

Looking for an alternative to a lawn?  Some reasons why you may be looking to remove all or some of your lawn:
  • Desire for a vegetable or flower garden.
  • Reforestation/meadow creation for wildlife habitat.
  • Site not suitable for a lawn.
  • Dislike mowing.


Some of the alternatives to lawn include:
  • Alternative groundcovers.
  • Vegetable gardens or raised beds.
  • Pollinator habitats, like meadows or flowerbeds.
  • Natural habitats like forest patches.
  • Rain gardens.
Flowers in a rain garden.


Financial Assistance

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland have some cost savings options to help you make the switch from traditional lawns:




While the internet has many resources, it’s often hard to sort out what advice to follow.  A good first step is to head to your local library, or contact local experts for guidance on what has been successful in your area.  Below are a few resources to consider: