Shopping for Organic Lawn Care

If you have explored our Lawn Care site , especially our Tips and Best Practices Guide , you'll notice that we recommend several amendments, nutrients and supplies for your lawn that you may not easily find at some stores.

Here are some tips on where to find these products, how much to buy, or how long they may last in your garden shed.

List of Allowed Pesticides
Allowed Pesticides

Places to shop

Farmers markets

Start here first. Check with your local farmers and their partners at farmers markets—you’d be amazed at what you could learn and the deals you could make with local farmers! Some of them might have excellent supplies of compost, worm castings, free moldy straw, and most of them will know where you might buy many of the organic products you need for your lawn.

Garden stores and nurseries

Check what’s on their shelves, but don’t assume that’s all they sell. Ask to talk with the growers and nursery managers at your local garden store about bulk supplies, or the organic products you are seeking, as they may do special orders. They also need to know that customers are looking for products, to get them on their shelves at a low cost.

Hardware stores

Many hardware stores will have products on their shelves, but their staff might not have as much experience as farmers or landscapers with what their products do. You may still be able to request products not on their shelves, or get bulk orders.

The internet

When all else fails, turn to the internet if you cannot get what you need from local farmers, nurseries, or stores. 
Ask a local organic farmer for information on where to get soil amendments.Ask a local farmer about where to shop for organic supplies. Photo by wavebreakmediamicro, 123RF