Pro Board


Steps for Applying for Pro Board Certification


  1. Print out your Pro Board applications. Note: Pay special attention to dates regarding current and previous editions.
  2. Fill out, sign and attach all required documentation.
  3. Mail or hand-deliver completed application to Captain Shelley Wheeler at the PSTA.
  4. Ensure the check or money order is also attached to the application, made out to MFSPQB. (Note: Each application requires a separate check or money order. For current edition applications, the charge is $10. For previous edition applications, the charge is $20.)

Important Notes

  • MFRI transcripts may be found on the MFRI website. Pro Board transcripts may be found on the Pro Board website. All Montgomery County transcripts may be obtained through PCAP or the registrar, Cecilia Johnson.
  • Pro Board applications are processed on a monthly basis and take at least three months (or longer) to process. Be advised that, even if certificates are awarded, they may not be reflected on your Pro Board transcript. The PSTA has no control over either of these issues.
  • Many applications are returned to the applicant, because they are missing documentation. Please double-check your documentation before submitting.