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Montgomery County Fire & Rescue

Driver/Operator Qualification Exams


Written Exam Process

Engine, Aerial, Rescue Squad, and EMS Transport Unit written exams are administered at the PSTA monthly.  Candidates may email the Driver Training Staff ( e-mail _FRSDriverTraining) directly to request to take the written examination.

Brush Truck candidates must also take a written exam, however that is provided in the station on the same day as the practical exam.  There is no written exam for Tanker candidates.
When requesting an exam date, be sure to include the date and type of written test you are requesting to attend.
Exams start at 9:00 AM usually in Room 215 on the 2nd floor of the Administrative Building at the PSTA.   Parking is available in the garage immediately on the right as you enter the facility.  You will need your Montgomery County Employee ID.  Click here for a facility map and directions.
Engine, Aerial, Rescue Squad, and EMS Unit
August 2019 14 (A) 28 (C)
September 2019 11 (B) 25 (A)
October 2019 9 (C) 23 (B)
November 2019 13 (B) 27 (A)
December 2019 11 (C) n/a


September 2019 24 (C) 26 (B)
November 2019 12 (A) 14 (C)


Practical Exam Process

  • A full description of the exam request process can be found here .
  • Practical exams for Engine, Aerial, Rescue, and EMS units are administered at the PSTA while on duty.
  • Practical exams for Tankers and Brush Trucks are administered at the station while on duty.
    Exam Type Duration Location
    8 hrs
    (1 day)
    Straight body Aerial and Aerial Tower
    8 hrs
    (1 day)
    Tractor Drawn Aerial
    12 hrs
    (1.5 days)
    Rescue Squad
    16 hrs
    (2 days)
    Tanker 4 hrs In quarters
    Brush Truck 4 hrs In quarters
    EMS transport unit 3 hrs PSTA
  • The tests are scheduled by appointment only through the station chain-of-command. Driver Training does not accept requests directly from the candidate.
  • The candidate's officer must e-mail the exam request with  three proposed dates to the
    Driver Training Program staff. Exams are not conducted on weekends or County holidays. ( e-mail _FRSDriverTraining)
  • The station officer is responsible for securing the unit detail and ensuring the apparatus tracker is updated via the chain-of-command.
  • The station officer needs to review the trainee's training package to ensure that all components have been completed prior to test day.
  • Failure to complete pre-requisite assignments will result in cancellation of the exam and the unit will be returned to service.  Pay attention to the list of items included in the test confirmation email.



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