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Office of Consumer Protection

Junk Mail

Is your mailbox stuffed with junk mail? Companies use direct mailings as a way to get you to purchase their product. Your name and address are added to mailing lists in many ways but the most common way is when you provide your information to a company when purchasing something. This company usually compiles the information on you and "rents" it to another company who will then send you a direct mailing. While you may want to purchase items from some of the mailings you receive, there may be others that you would prefer not to receive.
It is practically impossible to stop all the mailings but you can reduce them by registering with the   Direct Marketing Association (DMA). There is a fee of $1 dollar for a three month registration period. To stop the rest of your unwanted mail you will have to contact the companies directly and tell them to remove you from their mailing lists.
If you are seeking to remove a deceased person from a mailing list register with the   Deceased Do Not Contact Registration. There is no fee for this registration.



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