Assistant Chief - Thomas Didone

The Field Services Bureau (FSB) is responsible for providing specialized services in several key service delivery functions, necessary for safely and effectively executing both routine and complex field operations.

Special Operations Division

Captain Kevin Sullivan, Director
Main Number: 240-773-6500

The Special Operations Division has the following units.

  • Crisis Response and Support
  • Emergency Services Unit (ESU)
  • K9 Unit
  • Managed Search Operations Team (MSOT)
  • Special Events Response Team (SERT)
  • Special Weapons and Tactical Team (SWAT)

Traffic Division

Captain Dave McBain, Director
Main Number: 240 – 773 – 6600

The Traffic Division focuses on enforcement of traffic laws, investigation of serious traffic collisions, and providing safety education for students and the general public.

  • Alcohol Initiatives Unit (AIU)
  • Automated Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU)
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit
  • School Safety Section

Public Information Division

Captain C. Thomas Jordan, Director
Main number: 240-773-5030, option 4

The Department's Public Information Division provides information to the public on matters of interest and safety through timely and accurate reports using traditional media routes and the latest social media trends.

Animal Services Division

Thomas Koenig, Director
Main number: 240-773-5900

The Animal Services Division is charged with responding to citizen complaints regarding animals that may endanger the public or cause public nuisances, and animals in need of protection. The Division also operates the Animal Services and Adoption Center facility, which provides housing and care to animals in need, and an adoption program that seeks to place those animals with appropriate caregivers.

Security Services Division

Main number: 240-777-6166

The Security Services Division provides security staffing at various County facilities to prevent or mitigate disorder and/or disruption.