If you have any unwanted firearm(s), gun(s), or ammunition in your home, you can:

  1. Arrange for the police to pick them up.  Call the police non-emergency number, 301-279-8000; an officer will be dispatched to your location to pick up the gun(s).
  2. Drop them off at any district police station and permanently relinquish them to the Police Department. 
    • IMPORTANT! When you arrive at a station to turn in a firearm, please FIRST call the police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000 and inform the call taker that you would like to turn in a gun to the Department. Do NOT walk into a police station with a firearm.
    • IMPORTANT! Please obey Maryland law about the transportation of a firearm.  Please refer to Maryland Annotated Code, Criminal law, Title 4, Section 203 for a detailed account of wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun. 
  3. Temporarily store them away from your residence.  Some individuals may feel unsafe with a firearm in the house and are looking for temporary storage sites away from their homes. Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence (MPGV) has launched Maryland's first-ever online map identifying locations for safe firearm storage outside homes to help community members who voluntarily seek local options to store their firearms temporarily.  The map, found at mdsafegunstorage.org, lists more than 30 gun stores, law enforcement agencies, and other businesses throughout Maryland that can provide temporary, voluntary firearms storage. In addition, individuals may directly contact the businesses listed on the map for further information.  Out-of-home gun storage may be beneficial to persons in crisis at risk for suicide.